Provide RGB color constants and a colors dictionary with elements formatted: COLORS[colorname] = CONSTANT


>>> from pyrevit.coreutils import colors
>>> colors.COLORS['black']
... <RGB #000000>
>>> colors.BLACK
... <RGB #000000>
class pyrevit.coreutils.colors.RGB(name='default', red=0, green=0, blue=0)

RGB named color object.


color name


value for red component (0-255)


value for green component (0-255)


value for blue component (0-255)


Return color in hex format


Return color luminance (preceived)


Return text color that is safe to overlap this color.

Pre-Defined Colors

# color consts
ALICEBLUE = RGB(name='aliceblue', red=240, green=248, blue=255)
ANTIQUEWHITE = RGB(name='antiquewhite', red=250, green=235, blue=215)
ANTIQUEWHITE1 = RGB(name='antiquewhite1', red=255, green=239, blue=219)
ANTIQUEWHITE2 = RGB(name='antiquewhite2', red=238, green=223, blue=204)
ANTIQUEWHITE3 = RGB(name='antiquewhite3', red=205, green=192, blue=176)
ANTIQUEWHITE4 = RGB(name='antiquewhite4', red=139, green=131, blue=120)
AQUA = RGB(name='aqua', red=0, green=255, blue=255)
AQUAMARINE1 = RGB(name='aquamarine1', red=127, green=255, blue=212)
AQUAMARINE2 = RGB(name='aquamarine2', red=118, green=238, blue=198)
AQUAMARINE3 = RGB(name='aquamarine3', red=102, green=205, blue=170)
AQUAMARINE4 = RGB(name='aquamarine4', red=69, green=139, blue=116)
AZURE1 = RGB(name='azure1', red=240, green=255, blue=255)
AZURE2 = RGB(name='azure2', red=224, green=238, blue=238)
AZURE3 = RGB(name='azure3', red=193, green=205, blue=205)
AZURE4 = RGB(name='azure4', red=131, green=139, blue=139)
BANANA = RGB(name='banana', red=227, green=207, blue=87)
BEIGE = RGB(name='beige', red=245, green=245, blue=220)
BISQUE1 = RGB(name='bisque1', red=255, green=228, blue=196)
BISQUE2 = RGB(name='bisque2', red=238, green=213, blue=183)
BISQUE3 = RGB(name='bisque3', red=205, green=183, blue=158)
BISQUE4 = RGB(name='bisque4', red=139, green=125, blue=107)
BLACK = RGB(name='black', red=0, green=0, blue=0)
BLANCHEDALMOND = RGB(name='blanchedalmond', red=255, green=235, blue=205)
BLUE = RGB(name='blue', red=0, green=0, blue=255)
BLUE2 = RGB(name='blue2', red=0, green=0, blue=238)
BLUE3 = RGB(name='blue3', red=0, green=0, blue=205)
BLUE4 = RGB(name='blue4', red=0, green=0, blue=139)
BLUEVIOLET = RGB(name='blueviolet', red=138, green=43, blue=226)
BRICK = RGB(name='brick', red=156, green=102, blue=31)
BROWN = RGB(name='brown', red=165, green=42, blue=42)
BROWN1 = RGB(name='brown1', red=255, green=64, blue=64)
BROWN2 = RGB(name='brown2', red=238, green=59, blue=59)
BROWN3 = RGB(name='brown3', red=205, green=51, blue=51)
BROWN4 = RGB(name='brown4', red=139, green=35, blue=35)
BURLYWOOD = RGB(name='burlywood', red=222, green=184, blue=135)
BURLYWOOD1 = RGB(name='burlywood1', red=255, green=211, blue=155)
BURLYWOOD2 = RGB(name='burlywood2', red=238, green=197, blue=145)
BURLYWOOD3 = RGB(name='burlywood3', red=205, green=170, blue=125)
BURLYWOOD4 = RGB(name='burlywood4', red=139, green=115, blue=85)
BURNTSIENNA = RGB(name='burntsienna', red=138, green=54, blue=15)
BURNTUMBER = RGB(name='burntumber', red=138, green=51, blue=36)
CADETBLUE = RGB(name='cadetblue', red=95, green=158, blue=160)
CADETBLUE1 = RGB(name='cadetblue1', red=152, green=245, blue=255)
CADETBLUE2 = RGB(name='cadetblue2', red=142, green=229, blue=238)
CADETBLUE3 = RGB(name='cadetblue3', red=122, green=197, blue=205)
CADETBLUE4 = RGB(name='cadetblue4', red=83, green=134, blue=139)
CADMIUMORANGE = RGB(name='cadmiumorange', red=255, green=97, blue=3)
CADMIUMYELLOW = RGB(name='cadmiumyellow', red=255, green=153, blue=18)
CARROT = RGB(name='carrot', red=237, green=145, blue=33)
CHARTREUSE1 = RGB(name='chartreuse1', red=127, green=255, blue=0)
CHARTREUSE2 = RGB(name='chartreuse2', red=118, green=238, blue=0)
CHARTREUSE3 = RGB(name='chartreuse3', red=102, green=205, blue=0)
CHARTREUSE4 = RGB(name='chartreuse4', red=69, green=139, blue=0)
CHOCOLATE = RGB(name='chocolate', red=210, green=105, blue=30)
CHOCOLATE1 = RGB(name='chocolate1', red=255, green=127, blue=36)
CHOCOLATE2 = RGB(name='chocolate2', red=238, green=118, blue=33)
CHOCOLATE3 = RGB(name='chocolate3', red=205, green=102, blue=29)
CHOCOLATE4 = RGB(name='chocolate4', red=139, green=69, blue=19)
COBALT = RGB(name='cobalt', red=61, green=89, blue=171)
COBALTGREEN = RGB(name='cobaltgreen', red=61, green=145, blue=64)
COLDGREY = RGB(name='coldgrey', red=128, green=138, blue=135)
CORAL = RGB(name='coral', red=255, green=127, blue=80)
CORAL1 = RGB(name='coral1', red=255, green=114, blue=86)
CORAL2 = RGB(name='coral2', red=238, green=106, blue=80)
CORAL3 = RGB(name='coral3', red=205, green=91, blue=69)
CORAL4 = RGB(name='coral4', red=139, green=62, blue=47)
CORNFLOWERBLUE = RGB(name='cornflowerblue', red=100, green=149, blue=237)
CORNSILK1 = RGB(name='cornsilk1', red=255, green=248, blue=220)
CORNSILK2 = RGB(name='cornsilk2', red=238, green=232, blue=205)
CORNSILK3 = RGB(name='cornsilk3', red=205, green=200, blue=177)
CORNSILK4 = RGB(name='cornsilk4', red=139, green=136, blue=120)
CRIMSON = RGB(name='crimson', red=220, green=20, blue=60)
CYAN2 = RGB(name='cyan2', red=0, green=238, blue=238)
CYAN3 = RGB(name='cyan3', red=0, green=205, blue=205)
CYAN4 = RGB(name='cyan4', red=0, green=139, blue=139)
DARKGOLDENROD = RGB(name='darkgoldenrod', red=184, green=134, blue=11)
DARKGOLDENROD1 = RGB(name='darkgoldenrod1', red=255, green=185, blue=15)
DARKGOLDENROD2 = RGB(name='darkgoldenrod2', red=238, green=173, blue=14)
DARKGOLDENROD3 = RGB(name='darkgoldenrod3', red=205, green=149, blue=12)
DARKGOLDENROD4 = RGB(name='darkgoldenrod4', red=139, green=101, blue=8)
DARKGRAY = RGB(name='darkgray', red=169, green=169, blue=169)
DARKGREEN = RGB(name='darkgreen', red=0, green=100, blue=0)
DARKKHAKI = RGB(name='darkkhaki', red=189, green=183, blue=107)
DARKOLIVEGREEN = RGB(name='darkolivegreen', red=85, green=107, blue=47)
DARKOLIVEGREEN1 = RGB(name='darkolivegreen1', red=202, green=255, blue=112)
DARKOLIVEGREEN2 = RGB(name='darkolivegreen2', red=188, green=238, blue=104)
DARKOLIVEGREEN3 = RGB(name='darkolivegreen3', red=162, green=205, blue=90)
DARKOLIVEGREEN4 = RGB(name='darkolivegreen4', red=110, green=139, blue=61)
DARKORANGE = RGB(name='darkorange', red=255, green=140, blue=0)
DARKORANGE1 = RGB(name='darkorange1', red=255, green=127, blue=0)
DARKORANGE2 = RGB(name='darkorange2', red=238, green=118, blue=0)
DARKORANGE3 = RGB(name='darkorange3', red=205, green=102, blue=0)
DARKORANGE4 = RGB(name='darkorange4', red=139, green=69, blue=0)
DARKORCHID = RGB(name='darkorchid', red=153, green=50, blue=204)
DARKORCHID1 = RGB(name='darkorchid1', red=191, green=62, blue=255)
DARKORCHID2 = RGB(name='darkorchid2', red=178, green=58, blue=238)
DARKORCHID3 = RGB(name='darkorchid3', red=154, green=50, blue=205)
DARKORCHID4 = RGB(name='darkorchid4', red=104, green=34, blue=139)
DARKSALMON = RGB(name='darksalmon', red=233, green=150, blue=122)
DARKSEAGREEN = RGB(name='darkseagreen', red=143, green=188, blue=143)
DARKSEAGREEN1 = RGB(name='darkseagreen1', red=193, green=255, blue=193)
DARKSEAGREEN2 = RGB(name='darkseagreen2', red=180, green=238, blue=180)
DARKSEAGREEN3 = RGB(name='darkseagreen3', red=155, green=205, blue=155)
DARKSEAGREEN4 = RGB(name='darkseagreen4', red=105, green=139, blue=105)
DARKSLATEBLUE = RGB(name='darkslateblue', red=72, green=61, blue=139)
DARKSLATEGRAY = RGB(name='darkslategray', red=47, green=79, blue=79)
DARKSLATEGRAY1 = RGB(name='darkslategray1', red=151, green=255, blue=255)
DARKSLATEGRAY2 = RGB(name='darkslategray2', red=141, green=238, blue=238)
DARKSLATEGRAY3 = RGB(name='darkslategray3', red=121, green=205, blue=205)
DARKSLATEGRAY4 = RGB(name='darkslategray4', red=82, green=139, blue=139)
DARKTURQUOISE = RGB(name='darkturquoise', red=0, green=206, blue=209)
DARKVIOLET = RGB(name='darkviolet', red=148, green=0, blue=211)
DEEPPINK1 = RGB(name='deeppink1', red=255, green=20, blue=147)
DEEPPINK2 = RGB(name='deeppink2', red=238, green=18, blue=137)
DEEPPINK3 = RGB(name='deeppink3', red=205, green=16, blue=118)
DEEPPINK4 = RGB(name='deeppink4', red=139, green=10, blue=80)
DEEPSKYBLUE1 = RGB(name='deepskyblue1', red=0, green=191, blue=255)
DEEPSKYBLUE2 = RGB(name='deepskyblue2', red=0, green=178, blue=238)
DEEPSKYBLUE3 = RGB(name='deepskyblue3', red=0, green=154, blue=205)
DEEPSKYBLUE4 = RGB(name='deepskyblue4', red=0, green=104, blue=139)
DIMGRAY = RGB(name='dimgray', red=105, green=105, blue=105)
DIMGRAY = RGB(name='dimgray', red=105, green=105, blue=105)
DODGERBLUE1 = RGB(name='dodgerblue1', red=30, green=144, blue=255)
DODGERBLUE2 = RGB(name='dodgerblue2', red=28, green=134, blue=238)
DODGERBLUE3 = RGB(name='dodgerblue3', red=24, green=116, blue=205)
DODGERBLUE4 = RGB(name='dodgerblue4', red=16, green=78, blue=139)
EGGSHELL = RGB(name='eggshell', red=252, green=230, blue=201)
EMERALDGREEN = RGB(name='emeraldgreen', red=0, green=201, blue=87)
FIREBRICK = RGB(name='firebrick', red=178, green=34, blue=34)
FIREBRICK1 = RGB(name='firebrick1', red=255, green=48, blue=48)
FIREBRICK2 = RGB(name='firebrick2', red=238, green=44, blue=44)
FIREBRICK3 = RGB(name='firebrick3', red=205, green=38, blue=38)
FIREBRICK4 = RGB(name='firebrick4', red=139, green=26, blue=26)
FLESH = RGB(name='flesh', red=255, green=125, blue=64)
FLORALWHITE = RGB(name='floralwhite', red=255, green=250, blue=240)
FORESTGREEN = RGB(name='forestgreen', red=34, green=139, blue=34)
GAINSBORO = RGB(name='gainsboro', red=220, green=220, blue=220)
GHOSTWHITE = RGB(name='ghostwhite', red=248, green=248, blue=255)
GOLD1 = RGB(name='gold1', red=255, green=215, blue=0)
GOLD2 = RGB(name='gold2', red=238, green=201, blue=0)
GOLD3 = RGB(name='gold3', red=205, green=173, blue=0)
GOLD4 = RGB(name='gold4', red=139, green=117, blue=0)
GOLDENROD = RGB(name='goldenrod', red=218, green=165, blue=32)
GOLDENROD1 = RGB(name='goldenrod1', red=255, green=193, blue=37)
GOLDENROD2 = RGB(name='goldenrod2', red=238, green=180, blue=34)
GOLDENROD3 = RGB(name='goldenrod3', red=205, green=155, blue=29)
GOLDENROD4 = RGB(name='goldenrod4', red=139, green=105, blue=20)
GRAY = RGB(name='gray', red=128, green=128, blue=128)
GRAY1 = RGB(name='gray1', red=3, green=3, blue=3)
GRAY10 = RGB(name='gray10', red=26, green=26, blue=26)
GRAY11 = RGB(name='gray11', red=28, green=28, blue=28)
GRAY12 = RGB(name='gray12', red=31, green=31, blue=31)
GRAY13 = RGB(name='gray13', red=33, green=33, blue=33)
GRAY14 = RGB(name='gray14', red=36, green=36, blue=36)
GRAY15 = RGB(name='gray15', red=38, green=38, blue=38)
GRAY16 = RGB(name='gray16', red=41, green=41, blue=41)
GRAY17 = RGB(name='gray17', red=43, green=43, blue=43)
GRAY18 = RGB(name='gray18', red=46, green=46, blue=46)
GRAY19 = RGB(name='gray19', red=48, green=48, blue=48)
GRAY2 = RGB(name='gray2', red=5, green=5, blue=5)
GRAY20 = RGB(name='gray20', red=51, green=51, blue=51)
GRAY21 = RGB(name='gray21', red=54, green=54, blue=54)
GRAY22 = RGB(name='gray22', red=56, green=56, blue=56)
GRAY23 = RGB(name='gray23', red=59, green=59, blue=59)
GRAY24 = RGB(name='gray24', red=61, green=61, blue=61)
GRAY25 = RGB(name='gray25', red=64, green=64, blue=64)
GRAY26 = RGB(name='gray26', red=66, green=66, blue=66)
GRAY27 = RGB(name='gray27', red=69, green=69, blue=69)
GRAY28 = RGB(name='gray28', red=71, green=71, blue=71)
GRAY29 = RGB(name='gray29', red=74, green=74, blue=74)
GRAY3 = RGB(name='gray3', red=8, green=8, blue=8)
GRAY30 = RGB(name='gray30', red=77, green=77, blue=77)
GRAY31 = RGB(name='gray31', red=79, green=79, blue=79)
GRAY32 = RGB(name='gray32', red=82, green=82, blue=82)
GRAY33 = RGB(name='gray33', red=84, green=84, blue=84)
GRAY34 = RGB(name='gray34', red=87, green=87, blue=87)
GRAY35 = RGB(name='gray35', red=89, green=89, blue=89)
GRAY36 = RGB(name='gray36', red=92, green=92, blue=92)
GRAY37 = RGB(name='gray37', red=94, green=94, blue=94)
GRAY38 = RGB(name='gray38', red=97, green=97, blue=97)
GRAY39 = RGB(name='gray39', red=99, green=99, blue=99)
GRAY4 = RGB(name='gray4', red=10, green=10, blue=10)
GRAY40 = RGB(name='gray40', red=102, green=102, blue=102)
GRAY42 = RGB(name='gray42', red=107, green=107, blue=107)
GRAY43 = RGB(name='gray43', red=110, green=110, blue=110)
GRAY44 = RGB(name='gray44', red=112, green=112, blue=112)
GRAY45 = RGB(name='gray45', red=115, green=115, blue=115)
GRAY46 = RGB(name='gray46', red=117, green=117, blue=117)
GRAY47 = RGB(name='gray47', red=120, green=120, blue=120)
GRAY48 = RGB(name='gray48', red=122, green=122, blue=122)
GRAY49 = RGB(name='gray49', red=125, green=125, blue=125)
GRAY5 = RGB(name='gray5', red=13, green=13, blue=13)
GRAY50 = RGB(name='gray50', red=127, green=127, blue=127)
GRAY51 = RGB(name='gray51', red=130, green=130, blue=130)
GRAY52 = RGB(name='gray52', red=133, green=133, blue=133)
GRAY53 = RGB(name='gray53', red=135, green=135, blue=135)
GRAY54 = RGB(name='gray54', red=138, green=138, blue=138)
GRAY55 = RGB(name='gray55', red=140, green=140, blue=140)
GRAY56 = RGB(name='gray56', red=143, green=143, blue=143)
GRAY57 = RGB(name='gray57', red=145, green=145, blue=145)
GRAY58 = RGB(name='gray58', red=148, green=148, blue=148)
GRAY59 = RGB(name='gray59', red=150, green=150, blue=150)
GRAY6 = RGB(name='gray6', red=15, green=15, blue=15)
GRAY60 = RGB(name='gray60', red=153, green=153, blue=153)
GRAY61 = RGB(name='gray61', red=156, green=156, blue=156)
GRAY62 = RGB(name='gray62', red=158, green=158, blue=158)
GRAY63 = RGB(name='gray63', red=161, green=161, blue=161)
GRAY64 = RGB(name='gray64', red=163, green=163, blue=163)
GRAY65 = RGB(name='gray65', red=166, green=166, blue=166)
GRAY66 = RGB(name='gray66', red=168, green=168, blue=168)
GRAY67 = RGB(name='gray67', red=171, green=171, blue=171)
GRAY68 = RGB(name='gray68', red=173, green=173, blue=173)
GRAY69 = RGB(name='gray69', red=176, green=176, blue=176)
GRAY7 = RGB(name='gray7', red=18, green=18, blue=18)
GRAY70 = RGB(name='gray70', red=179, green=179, blue=179)
GRAY71 = RGB(name='gray71', red=181, green=181, blue=181)
GRAY72 = RGB(name='gray72', red=184, green=184, blue=184)
GRAY73 = RGB(name='gray73', red=186, green=186, blue=186)
GRAY74 = RGB(name='gray74', red=189, green=189, blue=189)
GRAY75 = RGB(name='gray75', red=191, green=191, blue=191)
GRAY76 = RGB(name='gray76', red=194, green=194, blue=194)
GRAY77 = RGB(name='gray77', red=196, green=196, blue=196)
GRAY78 = RGB(name='gray78', red=199, green=199, blue=199)
GRAY79 = RGB(name='gray79', red=201, green=201, blue=201)
GRAY8 = RGB(name='gray8', red=20, green=20, blue=20)
GRAY80 = RGB(name='gray80', red=204, green=204, blue=204)
GRAY81 = RGB(name='gray81', red=207, green=207, blue=207)
GRAY82 = RGB(name='gray82', red=209, green=209, blue=209)
GRAY83 = RGB(name='gray83', red=212, green=212, blue=212)
GRAY84 = RGB(name='gray84', red=214, green=214, blue=214)
GRAY85 = RGB(name='gray85', red=217, green=217, blue=217)
GRAY86 = RGB(name='gray86', red=219, green=219, blue=219)
GRAY87 = RGB(name='gray87', red=222, green=222, blue=222)
GRAY88 = RGB(name='gray88', red=224, green=224, blue=224)
GRAY89 = RGB(name='gray89', red=227, green=227, blue=227)
GRAY9 = RGB(name='gray9', red=23, green=23, blue=23)
GRAY90 = RGB(name='gray90', red=229, green=229, blue=229)
GRAY91 = RGB(name='gray91', red=232, green=232, blue=232)
GRAY92 = RGB(name='gray92', red=235, green=235, blue=235)
GRAY93 = RGB(name='gray93', red=237, green=237, blue=237)
GRAY94 = RGB(name='gray94', red=240, green=240, blue=240)
GRAY95 = RGB(name='gray95', red=242, green=242, blue=242)
GRAY97 = RGB(name='gray97', red=247, green=247, blue=247)
GRAY98 = RGB(name='gray98', red=250, green=250, blue=250)
GRAY99 = RGB(name='gray99', red=252, green=252, blue=252)
GREEN = RGB(name='green', red=0, green=128, blue=0)
GREEN1 = RGB(name='green1', red=0, green=255, blue=0)
GREEN2 = RGB(name='green2', red=0, green=238, blue=0)
GREEN3 = RGB(name='green3', red=0, green=205, blue=0)
GREEN4 = RGB(name='green4', red=0, green=139, blue=0)
GREENYELLOW = RGB(name='greenyellow', red=173, green=255, blue=47)
HONEYDEW1 = RGB(name='honeydew1', red=240, green=255, blue=240)
HONEYDEW2 = RGB(name='honeydew2', red=224, green=238, blue=224)
HONEYDEW3 = RGB(name='honeydew3', red=193, green=205, blue=193)
HONEYDEW4 = RGB(name='honeydew4', red=131, green=139, blue=131)
HOTPINK = RGB(name='hotpink', red=255, green=105, blue=180)
HOTPINK1 = RGB(name='hotpink1', red=255, green=110, blue=180)
HOTPINK2 = RGB(name='hotpink2', red=238, green=106, blue=167)
HOTPINK3 = RGB(name='hotpink3', red=205, green=96, blue=144)
HOTPINK4 = RGB(name='hotpink4', red=139, green=58, blue=98)
INDIANRED = RGB(name='indianred', red=176, green=23, blue=31)
INDIANRED = RGB(name='indianred', red=205, green=92, blue=92)
INDIANRED1 = RGB(name='indianred1', red=255, green=106, blue=106)
INDIANRED2 = RGB(name='indianred2', red=238, green=99, blue=99)
INDIANRED3 = RGB(name='indianred3', red=205, green=85, blue=85)
INDIANRED4 = RGB(name='indianred4', red=139, green=58, blue=58)
INDIGO = RGB(name='indigo', red=75, green=0, blue=130)
IVORY1 = RGB(name='ivory1', red=255, green=255, blue=240)
IVORY2 = RGB(name='ivory2', red=238, green=238, blue=224)
IVORY3 = RGB(name='ivory3', red=205, green=205, blue=193)
IVORY4 = RGB(name='ivory4', red=139, green=139, blue=131)
IVORYBLACK = RGB(name='ivoryblack', red=41, green=36, blue=33)
KHAKI = RGB(name='khaki', red=240, green=230, blue=140)
KHAKI1 = RGB(name='khaki1', red=255, green=246, blue=143)
KHAKI2 = RGB(name='khaki2', red=238, green=230, blue=133)
KHAKI3 = RGB(name='khaki3', red=205, green=198, blue=115)
KHAKI4 = RGB(name='khaki4', red=139, green=134, blue=78)
LAVENDER = RGB(name='lavender', red=230, green=230, blue=250)
LAVENDERBLUSH1 = RGB(name='lavenderblush1', red=255, green=240, blue=245)
LAVENDERBLUSH2 = RGB(name='lavenderblush2', red=238, green=224, blue=229)
LAVENDERBLUSH3 = RGB(name='lavenderblush3', red=205, green=193, blue=197)
LAVENDERBLUSH4 = RGB(name='lavenderblush4', red=139, green=131, blue=134)
LAWNGREEN = RGB(name='lawngreen', red=124, green=252, blue=0)
LEMONCHIFFON1 = RGB(name='lemonchiffon1', red=255, green=250, blue=205)
LEMONCHIFFON2 = RGB(name='lemonchiffon2', red=238, green=233, blue=191)
LEMONCHIFFON3 = RGB(name='lemonchiffon3', red=205, green=201, blue=165)
LEMONCHIFFON4 = RGB(name='lemonchiffon4', red=139, green=137, blue=112)
LIGHTBLUE = RGB(name='lightblue', red=173, green=216, blue=230)
LIGHTBLUE1 = RGB(name='lightblue1', red=191, green=239, blue=255)
LIGHTBLUE2 = RGB(name='lightblue2', red=178, green=223, blue=238)
LIGHTBLUE3 = RGB(name='lightblue3', red=154, green=192, blue=205)
LIGHTBLUE4 = RGB(name='lightblue4', red=104, green=131, blue=139)
LIGHTCORAL = RGB(name='lightcoral', red=240, green=128, blue=128)
LIGHTCYAN1 = RGB(name='lightcyan1', red=224, green=255, blue=255)
LIGHTCYAN2 = RGB(name='lightcyan2', red=209, green=238, blue=238)
LIGHTCYAN3 = RGB(name='lightcyan3', red=180, green=205, blue=205)
LIGHTCYAN4 = RGB(name='lightcyan4', red=122, green=139, blue=139)
LIGHTGOLDENROD1 = RGB(name='lightgoldenrod1', red=255, green=236, blue=139)
LIGHTGOLDENROD2 = RGB(name='lightgoldenrod2', red=238, green=220, blue=130)
LIGHTGOLDENROD3 = RGB(name='lightgoldenrod3', red=205, green=190, blue=112)
LIGHTGOLDENROD4 = RGB(name='lightgoldenrod4', red=139, green=129, blue=76)
    RGB(name='lightgoldenrodyellow', red=250, green=250, blue=210)
LIGHTGREY = RGB(name='lightgrey', red=211, green=211, blue=211)
LIGHTPINK = RGB(name='lightpink', red=255, green=182, blue=193)
LIGHTPINK1 = RGB(name='lightpink1', red=255, green=174, blue=185)
LIGHTPINK2 = RGB(name='lightpink2', red=238, green=162, blue=173)
LIGHTPINK3 = RGB(name='lightpink3', red=205, green=140, blue=149)
LIGHTPINK4 = RGB(name='lightpink4', red=139, green=95, blue=101)
LIGHTSALMON1 = RGB(name='lightsalmon1', red=255, green=160, blue=122)
LIGHTSALMON2 = RGB(name='lightsalmon2', red=238, green=149, blue=114)
LIGHTSALMON3 = RGB(name='lightsalmon3', red=205, green=129, blue=98)
LIGHTSALMON4 = RGB(name='lightsalmon4', red=139, green=87, blue=66)
LIGHTSEAGREEN = RGB(name='lightseagreen', red=32, green=178, blue=170)
LIGHTSKYBLUE = RGB(name='lightskyblue', red=135, green=206, blue=250)
LIGHTSKYBLUE1 = RGB(name='lightskyblue1', red=176, green=226, blue=255)
LIGHTSKYBLUE2 = RGB(name='lightskyblue2', red=164, green=211, blue=238)
LIGHTSKYBLUE3 = RGB(name='lightskyblue3', red=141, green=182, blue=205)
LIGHTSKYBLUE4 = RGB(name='lightskyblue4', red=96, green=123, blue=139)
LIGHTSLATEBLUE = RGB(name='lightslateblue', red=132, green=112, blue=255)
LIGHTSLATEGRAY = RGB(name='lightslategray', red=119, green=136, blue=153)
LIGHTSTEELBLUE = RGB(name='lightsteelblue', red=176, green=196, blue=222)
LIGHTSTEELBLUE1 = RGB(name='lightsteelblue1', red=202, green=225, blue=255)
LIGHTSTEELBLUE2 = RGB(name='lightsteelblue2', red=188, green=210, blue=238)
LIGHTSTEELBLUE3 = RGB(name='lightsteelblue3', red=162, green=181, blue=205)
LIGHTSTEELBLUE4 = RGB(name='lightsteelblue4', red=110, green=123, blue=139)
LIGHTYELLOW1 = RGB(name='lightyellow1', red=255, green=255, blue=224)
LIGHTYELLOW2 = RGB(name='lightyellow2', red=238, green=238, blue=209)
LIGHTYELLOW3 = RGB(name='lightyellow3', red=205, green=205, blue=180)
LIGHTYELLOW4 = RGB(name='lightyellow4', red=139, green=139, blue=122)
LIMEGREEN = RGB(name='limegreen', red=50, green=205, blue=50)
LINEN = RGB(name='linen', red=250, green=240, blue=230)
MAGENTA = RGB(name='magenta', red=255, green=0, blue=255)
MAGENTA2 = RGB(name='magenta2', red=238, green=0, blue=238)
MAGENTA3 = RGB(name='magenta3', red=205, green=0, blue=205)
MAGENTA4 = RGB(name='magenta4', red=139, green=0, blue=139)
MANGANESEBLUE = RGB(name='manganeseblue', red=3, green=168, blue=158)
MAROON = RGB(name='maroon', red=128, green=0, blue=0)
MAROON1 = RGB(name='maroon1', red=255, green=52, blue=179)
MAROON2 = RGB(name='maroon2', red=238, green=48, blue=167)
MAROON3 = RGB(name='maroon3', red=205, green=41, blue=144)
MAROON4 = RGB(name='maroon4', red=139, green=28, blue=98)
MEDIUMORCHID = RGB(name='mediumorchid', red=186, green=85, blue=211)
MEDIUMORCHID1 = RGB(name='mediumorchid1', red=224, green=102, blue=255)
MEDIUMORCHID2 = RGB(name='mediumorchid2', red=209, green=95, blue=238)
MEDIUMORCHID3 = RGB(name='mediumorchid3', red=180, green=82, blue=205)
MEDIUMORCHID4 = RGB(name='mediumorchid4', red=122, green=55, blue=139)
MEDIUMPURPLE = RGB(name='mediumpurple', red=147, green=112, blue=219)
MEDIUMPURPLE1 = RGB(name='mediumpurple1', red=171, green=130, blue=255)
MEDIUMPURPLE2 = RGB(name='mediumpurple2', red=159, green=121, blue=238)
MEDIUMPURPLE3 = RGB(name='mediumpurple3', red=137, green=104, blue=205)
MEDIUMPURPLE4 = RGB(name='mediumpurple4', red=93, green=71, blue=139)
MEDIUMSEAGREEN = RGB(name='mediumseagreen', red=60, green=179, blue=113)
MEDIUMSLATEBLUE = RGB(name='mediumslateblue', red=123, green=104, blue=238)
MEDIUMSPRINGGREEN = RGB(name='mediumspringgreen', red=0, green=250, blue=154)
MEDIUMTURQUOISE = RGB(name='mediumturquoise', red=72, green=209, blue=204)
MEDIUMVIOLETRED = RGB(name='mediumvioletred', red=199, green=21, blue=133)
MELON = RGB(name='melon', red=227, green=168, blue=105)
MIDNIGHTBLUE = RGB(name='midnightblue', red=25, green=25, blue=112)
MINT = RGB(name='mint', red=189, green=252, blue=201)
MINTCREAM = RGB(name='mintcream', red=245, green=255, blue=250)
MISTYROSE1 = RGB(name='mistyrose1', red=255, green=228, blue=225)
MISTYROSE2 = RGB(name='mistyrose2', red=238, green=213, blue=210)
MISTYROSE3 = RGB(name='mistyrose3', red=205, green=183, blue=181)
MISTYROSE4 = RGB(name='mistyrose4', red=139, green=125, blue=123)
MOCCASIN = RGB(name='moccasin', red=255, green=228, blue=181)
NAVAJOWHITE1 = RGB(name='navajowhite1', red=255, green=222, blue=173)
NAVAJOWHITE2 = RGB(name='navajowhite2', red=238, green=207, blue=161)
NAVAJOWHITE3 = RGB(name='navajowhite3', red=205, green=179, blue=139)
NAVAJOWHITE4 = RGB(name='navajowhite4', red=139, green=121, blue=94)
NAVY = RGB(name='navy', red=0, green=0, blue=128)
OLDLACE = RGB(name='oldlace', red=253, green=245, blue=230)
OLIVE = RGB(name='olive', red=128, green=128, blue=0)
OLIVEDRAB = RGB(name='olivedrab', red=107, green=142, blue=35)
OLIVEDRAB1 = RGB(name='olivedrab1', red=192, green=255, blue=62)
OLIVEDRAB2 = RGB(name='olivedrab2', red=179, green=238, blue=58)
OLIVEDRAB3 = RGB(name='olivedrab3', red=154, green=205, blue=50)
OLIVEDRAB4 = RGB(name='olivedrab4', red=105, green=139, blue=34)
ORANGE = RGB(name='orange', red=255, green=128, blue=0)
ORANGE1 = RGB(name='orange1', red=255, green=165, blue=0)
ORANGE2 = RGB(name='orange2', red=238, green=154, blue=0)
ORANGE3 = RGB(name='orange3', red=205, green=133, blue=0)
ORANGE4 = RGB(name='orange4', red=139, green=90, blue=0)
ORANGERED1 = RGB(name='orangered1', red=255, green=69, blue=0)
ORANGERED2 = RGB(name='orangered2', red=238, green=64, blue=0)
ORANGERED3 = RGB(name='orangered3', red=205, green=55, blue=0)
ORANGERED4 = RGB(name='orangered4', red=139, green=37, blue=0)
ORCHID = RGB(name='orchid', red=218, green=112, blue=214)
ORCHID1 = RGB(name='orchid1', red=255, green=131, blue=250)
ORCHID2 = RGB(name='orchid2', red=238, green=122, blue=233)
ORCHID3 = RGB(name='orchid3', red=205, green=105, blue=201)
ORCHID4 = RGB(name='orchid4', red=139, green=71, blue=137)
PALEGOLDENROD = RGB(name='palegoldenrod', red=238, green=232, blue=170)
PALEGREEN = RGB(name='palegreen', red=152, green=251, blue=152)
PALEGREEN1 = RGB(name='palegreen1', red=154, green=255, blue=154)
PALEGREEN2 = RGB(name='palegreen2', red=144, green=238, blue=144)
PALEGREEN3 = RGB(name='palegreen3', red=124, green=205, blue=124)
PALEGREEN4 = RGB(name='palegreen4', red=84, green=139, blue=84)
PALETURQUOISE1 = RGB(name='paleturquoise1', red=187, green=255, blue=255)
PALETURQUOISE2 = RGB(name='paleturquoise2', red=174, green=238, blue=238)
PALETURQUOISE3 = RGB(name='paleturquoise3', red=150, green=205, blue=205)
PALETURQUOISE4 = RGB(name='paleturquoise4', red=102, green=139, blue=139)
PALEVIOLETRED = RGB(name='palevioletred', red=219, green=112, blue=147)
PALEVIOLETRED1 = RGB(name='palevioletred1', red=255, green=130, blue=171)
PALEVIOLETRED2 = RGB(name='palevioletred2', red=238, green=121, blue=159)
PALEVIOLETRED3 = RGB(name='palevioletred3', red=205, green=104, blue=137)
PALEVIOLETRED4 = RGB(name='palevioletred4', red=139, green=71, blue=93)
PAPAYAWHIP = RGB(name='papayawhip', red=255, green=239, blue=213)
PEACHPUFF1 = RGB(name='peachpuff1', red=255, green=218, blue=185)
PEACHPUFF2 = RGB(name='peachpuff2', red=238, green=203, blue=173)
PEACHPUFF3 = RGB(name='peachpuff3', red=205, green=175, blue=149)
PEACHPUFF4 = RGB(name='peachpuff4', red=139, green=119, blue=101)
PEACOCK = RGB(name='peacock', red=51, green=161, blue=201)
PINK = RGB(name='pink', red=255, green=192, blue=203)
PINK1 = RGB(name='pink1', red=255, green=181, blue=197)
PINK2 = RGB(name='pink2', red=238, green=169, blue=184)
PINK3 = RGB(name='pink3', red=205, green=145, blue=158)
PINK4 = RGB(name='pink4', red=139, green=99, blue=108)
PLUM = RGB(name='plum', red=221, green=160, blue=221)
PLUM1 = RGB(name='plum1', red=255, green=187, blue=255)
PLUM2 = RGB(name='plum2', red=238, green=174, blue=238)
PLUM3 = RGB(name='plum3', red=205, green=150, blue=205)
PLUM4 = RGB(name='plum4', red=139, green=102, blue=139)
POWDERBLUE = RGB(name='powderblue', red=176, green=224, blue=230)
PURPLE = RGB(name='purple', red=128, green=0, blue=128)
PURPLE1 = RGB(name='purple1', red=155, green=48, blue=255)
PURPLE2 = RGB(name='purple2', red=145, green=44, blue=238)
PURPLE3 = RGB(name='purple3', red=125, green=38, blue=205)
PURPLE4 = RGB(name='purple4', red=85, green=26, blue=139)
RASPBERRY = RGB(name='raspberry', red=135, green=38, blue=87)
RAWSIENNA = RGB(name='rawsienna', red=199, green=97, blue=20)
RED1 = RGB(name='red1', red=255, green=0, blue=0)
RED2 = RGB(name='red2', red=238, green=0, blue=0)
RED3 = RGB(name='red3', red=205, green=0, blue=0)
RED4 = RGB(name='red4', red=139, green=0, blue=0)
ROSYBROWN = RGB(name='rosybrown', red=188, green=143, blue=143)
ROSYBROWN1 = RGB(name='rosybrown1', red=255, green=193, blue=193)
ROSYBROWN2 = RGB(name='rosybrown2', red=238, green=180, blue=180)
ROSYBROWN3 = RGB(name='rosybrown3', red=205, green=155, blue=155)
ROSYBROWN4 = RGB(name='rosybrown4', red=139, green=105, blue=105)
ROYALBLUE = RGB(name='royalblue', red=65, green=105, blue=225)
ROYALBLUE1 = RGB(name='royalblue1', red=72, green=118, blue=255)
ROYALBLUE2 = RGB(name='royalblue2', red=67, green=110, blue=238)
ROYALBLUE3 = RGB(name='royalblue3', red=58, green=95, blue=205)
ROYALBLUE4 = RGB(name='royalblue4', red=39, green=64, blue=139)
SALMON = RGB(name='salmon', red=250, green=128, blue=114)
SALMON1 = RGB(name='salmon1', red=255, green=140, blue=105)
SALMON2 = RGB(name='salmon2', red=238, green=130, blue=98)
SALMON3 = RGB(name='salmon3', red=205, green=112, blue=84)
SALMON4 = RGB(name='salmon4', red=139, green=76, blue=57)
SANDYBROWN = RGB(name='sandybrown', red=244, green=164, blue=96)
SAPGREEN = RGB(name='sapgreen', red=48, green=128, blue=20)
SEAGREEN1 = RGB(name='seagreen1', red=84, green=255, blue=159)
SEAGREEN2 = RGB(name='seagreen2', red=78, green=238, blue=148)
SEAGREEN3 = RGB(name='seagreen3', red=67, green=205, blue=128)
SEAGREEN4 = RGB(name='seagreen4', red=46, green=139, blue=87)
SEASHELL1 = RGB(name='seashell1', red=255, green=245, blue=238)
SEASHELL2 = RGB(name='seashell2', red=238, green=229, blue=222)
SEASHELL3 = RGB(name='seashell3', red=205, green=197, blue=191)
SEASHELL4 = RGB(name='seashell4', red=139, green=134, blue=130)
SEPIA = RGB(name='sepia', red=94, green=38, blue=18)
SGIBEET = RGB(name='sgibeet', red=142, green=56, blue=142)
SGIBRIGHTGRAY = RGB(name='sgibrightgray', red=197, green=193, blue=170)
SGICHARTREUSE = RGB(name='sgichartreuse', red=113, green=198, blue=113)
SGIDARKGRAY = RGB(name='sgidarkgray', red=85, green=85, blue=85)
SGIGRAY12 = RGB(name='sgigray12', red=30, green=30, blue=30)
SGIGRAY16 = RGB(name='sgigray16', red=40, green=40, blue=40)
SGIGRAY32 = RGB(name='sgigray32', red=81, green=81, blue=81)
SGIGRAY36 = RGB(name='sgigray36', red=91, green=91, blue=91)
SGIGRAY52 = RGB(name='sgigray52', red=132, green=132, blue=132)
SGIGRAY56 = RGB(name='sgigray56', red=142, green=142, blue=142)
SGIGRAY72 = RGB(name='sgigray72', red=183, green=183, blue=183)
SGIGRAY76 = RGB(name='sgigray76', red=193, green=193, blue=193)
SGIGRAY92 = RGB(name='sgigray92', red=234, green=234, blue=234)
SGIGRAY96 = RGB(name='sgigray96', red=244, green=244, blue=244)
SGILIGHTBLUE = RGB(name='sgilightblue', red=125, green=158, blue=192)
SGILIGHTGRAY = RGB(name='sgilightgray', red=170, green=170, blue=170)
SGIOLIVEDRAB = RGB(name='sgiolivedrab', red=142, green=142, blue=56)
SGISALMON = RGB(name='sgisalmon', red=198, green=113, blue=113)
SGISLATEBLUE = RGB(name='sgislateblue', red=113, green=113, blue=198)
SGITEAL = RGB(name='sgiteal', red=56, green=142, blue=142)
SIENNA = RGB(name='sienna', red=160, green=82, blue=45)
SIENNA1 = RGB(name='sienna1', red=255, green=130, blue=71)
SIENNA2 = RGB(name='sienna2', red=238, green=121, blue=66)
SIENNA3 = RGB(name='sienna3', red=205, green=104, blue=57)
SIENNA4 = RGB(name='sienna4', red=139, green=71, blue=38)
SILVER = RGB(name='silver', red=192, green=192, blue=192)
SKYBLUE = RGB(name='skyblue', red=135, green=206, blue=235)
SKYBLUE1 = RGB(name='skyblue1', red=135, green=206, blue=255)
SKYBLUE2 = RGB(name='skyblue2', red=126, green=192, blue=238)
SKYBLUE3 = RGB(name='skyblue3', red=108, green=166, blue=205)
SKYBLUE4 = RGB(name='skyblue4', red=74, green=112, blue=139)
SLATEBLUE = RGB(name='slateblue', red=106, green=90, blue=205)
SLATEBLUE1 = RGB(name='slateblue1', red=131, green=111, blue=255)
SLATEBLUE2 = RGB(name='slateblue2', red=122, green=103, blue=238)
SLATEBLUE3 = RGB(name='slateblue3', red=105, green=89, blue=205)
SLATEBLUE4 = RGB(name='slateblue4', red=71, green=60, blue=139)
SLATEGRAY = RGB(name='slategray', red=112, green=128, blue=144)
SLATEGRAY1 = RGB(name='slategray1', red=198, green=226, blue=255)
SLATEGRAY2 = RGB(name='slategray2', red=185, green=211, blue=238)
SLATEGRAY3 = RGB(name='slategray3', red=159, green=182, blue=205)
SLATEGRAY4 = RGB(name='slategray4', red=108, green=123, blue=139)
SNOW1 = RGB(name='snow1', red=255, green=250, blue=250)
SNOW2 = RGB(name='snow2', red=238, green=233, blue=233)
SNOW3 = RGB(name='snow3', red=205, green=201, blue=201)
SNOW4 = RGB(name='snow4', red=139, green=137, blue=137)
SPRINGGREEN = RGB(name='springgreen', red=0, green=255, blue=127)
SPRINGGREEN1 = RGB(name='springgreen1', red=0, green=238, blue=118)
SPRINGGREEN2 = RGB(name='springgreen2', red=0, green=205, blue=102)
SPRINGGREEN3 = RGB(name='springgreen3', red=0, green=139, blue=69)
STEELBLUE = RGB(name='steelblue', red=70, green=130, blue=180)
STEELBLUE1 = RGB(name='steelblue1', red=99, green=184, blue=255)
STEELBLUE2 = RGB(name='steelblue2', red=92, green=172, blue=238)
STEELBLUE3 = RGB(name='steelblue3', red=79, green=148, blue=205)
STEELBLUE4 = RGB(name='steelblue4', red=54, green=100, blue=139)
TAN = RGB(name='tan', red=210, green=180, blue=140)
TAN1 = RGB(name='tan1', red=255, green=165, blue=79)
TAN2 = RGB(name='tan2', red=238, green=154, blue=73)
TAN3 = RGB(name='tan3', red=205, green=133, blue=63)
TAN4 = RGB(name='tan4', red=139, green=90, blue=43)
TEAL = RGB(name='teal', red=0, green=128, blue=128)
THISTLE = RGB(name='thistle', red=216, green=191, blue=216)
THISTLE1 = RGB(name='thistle1', red=255, green=225, blue=255)
THISTLE2 = RGB(name='thistle2', red=238, green=210, blue=238)
THISTLE3 = RGB(name='thistle3', red=205, green=181, blue=205)
THISTLE4 = RGB(name='thistle4', red=139, green=123, blue=139)
TOMATO1 = RGB(name='tomato1', red=255, green=99, blue=71)
TOMATO2 = RGB(name='tomato2', red=238, green=92, blue=66)
TOMATO3 = RGB(name='tomato3', red=205, green=79, blue=57)
TOMATO4 = RGB(name='tomato4', red=139, green=54, blue=38)
TURQUOISE = RGB(name='turquoise', red=64, green=224, blue=208)
TURQUOISE1 = RGB(name='turquoise1', red=0, green=245, blue=255)
TURQUOISE2 = RGB(name='turquoise2', red=0, green=229, blue=238)
TURQUOISE3 = RGB(name='turquoise3', red=0, green=197, blue=205)
TURQUOISE4 = RGB(name='turquoise4', red=0, green=134, blue=139)
TURQUOISEBLUE = RGB(name='turquoiseblue', red=0, green=199, blue=140)
VIOLET = RGB(name='violet', red=238, green=130, blue=238)
VIOLETRED = RGB(name='violetred', red=208, green=32, blue=144)
VIOLETRED1 = RGB(name='violetred1', red=255, green=62, blue=150)
VIOLETRED2 = RGB(name='violetred2', red=238, green=58, blue=140)
VIOLETRED3 = RGB(name='violetred3', red=205, green=50, blue=120)
VIOLETRED4 = RGB(name='violetred4', red=139, green=34, blue=82)
WARMGREY = RGB(name='warmgrey', red=128, green=128, blue=105)
WHEAT = RGB(name='wheat', red=245, green=222, blue=179)
WHEAT1 = RGB(name='wheat1', red=255, green=231, blue=186)
WHEAT2 = RGB(name='wheat2', red=238, green=216, blue=174)
WHEAT3 = RGB(name='wheat3', red=205, green=186, blue=150)
WHEAT4 = RGB(name='wheat4', red=139, green=126, blue=102)
WHITE = RGB(name='white', red=255, green=255, blue=255)
WHITESMOKE = RGB(name='whitesmoke', red=245, green=245, blue=245)
WHITESMOKE = RGB(name='whitesmoke', red=245, green=245, blue=245)
YELLOW1 = RGB(name='yellow1', red=255, green=255, blue=0)
YELLOW2 = RGB(name='yellow2', red=238, green=238, blue=0)
YELLOW3 = RGB(name='yellow3', red=205, green=205, blue=0)
YELLOW4 = RGB(name='yellow4', red=139, green=139, blue=0)